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Masjid Al-Momineen was established in 1989 in a rented 4 bedroom house - by Divine Providence and generous donations from a group of 100 Afghan immigrants residing mostly in and around the city of Clarkston. Soon other Muslims from Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent joined the community followed by refugees from war stricken Iraq, Kurdistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. At that time, there were fewer than 7 other mosques in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Over time, Muslims from many other countries of the world including Myanmar and Syria came in to make Clarkston the biggest international Muslim community in Atlanta. The community soon outgrew the rental property and purchased over 6 acres of land in Clarkston. This property consists of 3 buildings. Currently, one building serves as the main prayer hall for men while another is used as the prayer hall for sisters and as the school for over 125 students. The third building is being rented to defray a portion of the monthly expenses.


To build a place of worship that serves as the community center for a diverse group of immigrants and locals representing over 30 countries; to build a beautiful landmark in the city of Clarkston which hosts expats from no fewer than 70 countries; to build a place where Clarkston and neighboring residents could convene and to build bridges of understanding and love towards other fellow human beings and to celebrate the diversity of the city and the congregation of Masjid Al-Momineen; to construct not just a building but a center for human networking, promotion of family values, free education for all but specifically for the girls and for the underprivileged, and to build a youth center that advances athleticism, diversity, talent development, and community engagement.

Mission Statement

To provide a place of worship, religious and community services for Muslims where Non-Muslims are also welcome to learn about Islam in an atmosphere of peace, tolerance, and understanding.

Description of Business

Masjid Al-Momineenn is a United States Internal Revenue Services approved 501(c)-3 religious organization providing Islamic worship services primarily to Muslims living in and around the city of Clarkston.

Company Ownership/Legal Entity

Masjid Al-Momineen's proper and legal name is Masjid Al-Momineen of Stone Mountain, Inc. It was legally incorporated in the state of Georgia in the year 1992 and continues to maintain its incorporated status in the state of Georgia.


Masjid Al-Momineen sits on a 6.1 acre area at 837 North Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, Georgia 30021. It is surrounded on 3 sides by North Indian Creek Drive, Jamison Place, and Market Street. It comprises 3 buildings. The new Masjid building will replace the 116 year structure on the far right of the property from the Indian Creek Drive perspective.

Hours of Operation

Masjid Al-Momineen is open to the public every day of the year at all hours of the day.


The primary services offered by Masjid Al-Momineen are the five daily prayers, Friday prayers, Tarawih prayers during the entire month of Ramadan, and the two annual Eid prayers. In addition, Masjid Al-Momineen provides funeral and matrimonial services to all Muslims. What makes Masjid Al-Momineen unique is its very location in the heart of Clarkston, Georgia, where the vast majority of political asylum seekers from around the world are brought in by various government and non-governmental refugee settlement organizations. Clarkston; therefore, serves as the main jumping platform for the Georgia immigrant Muslim population. Masjid Al-Momineen, by extension, receives the bulk of the Georgia immigrant Muslims for the duration of their stay in the city. Over the years, wave after wave of refugees have come to Clarkston, and left the city for other locations upon achieving financial stability. Some in the process stay behind, open businesses, and engage in gainful employment in Clarkston or the surrounding cities. Masjid Al-Momineen has the distinct privilege of servicing the religious and social needs of every immigrant Muslim to this city. However, given the sheer number of Muslims in the area and ever increasing congregation numbers, the current Masjid facility falls short of servicing them adequately. For example, Friday and Tarawih prayers overflow to the outside regularly and consistently despite weather conditions or temperature. Additionally, our goal is to provide them with proper social services such as family and marital counseling, job and career training, language and ESL training; and to provide them with after school care, and internet access. Our objective is also to embark upon a permanent campaign to build bridge of understanding between Muslims, non-Muslims; city, county, and state officials. We would like to build a model that will ultimately benefit not just the Muslims but also the non-Muslim refugee populations.


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