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July 06, 2009

AsSalaamu 'Eleikum wa Rahmatullah.
Explore the Islamic Sites page which contains some of the best links on Islam. The third link there is new pointing to the Tanzil Translation - Lead us to the Straight PathQuran navigator - a page dedicated to make Quranic text available online accurately. According to the Tanzil Project page in Wikipedia, since the appearance of the first digital copy of the Holy Quran, there have been substantial efforts to produce an accurate Quran text in a simple script, but due to some difficulties, these efforts have been unsuccessful in many of the cases, and unfortunately, the simple Quran texts currently used in the majority of Quranic websites and applications have lots of errors and typos. The erroneous Quran text has been so rapidly spread over the Internet that nowadays finding the correct form of Quranic verses has become almost impossible without referring to a verified printed manuscript.

Please read our latest blog on President Obama's President Obama address to the Islamic world from Egypt and leave a comment on what you think of the article. You are also encouraged to contribute your own articles for publication on the Masjid blogsite. We only ask that you limit your submissions to topics of interest in Islam. Any article deemed inappropriate will be rejected.

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