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May Peace of Allah SWT and His Mercy be on you and your family.

Masjid Al-Momineen's construction project is in a critical phase. We don't have enough cash to pay for the most recent invoices from the vendors. The choices are clear. Stop the project and wait for funds, or continue hoping the funds will come. If we stop the project and wait for funds, the project will cost a lot more in the long run. Should we continue and hope the funds will arrive, we may end up deeper in debt and incur other liabilities.

So, we pray to Allah Almighty and ask you, our committed supporter, to help us in this hour of need - as you have done before - as much as you can. We are in immediate need of $200,000 and expect invoices to the tune of $200,000 per month in March and April.

Click here or here to see the construction photos. You will appreciate the work on the ground much more if you join us in person on March 19, at noon. You will be given a group tour of the construction site. Hot lunch will be served, in Sha' Allah.

Construction Progress

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Here is a summary of the construction progress as of March 1, 2016. We need your urgent support:
  • 1) All the water proofing has been completed.
  • 2) Building Erection 65% completed.
  • 3) Block walls 12.6 ft. complete and grouted.
Goals for this Month: March 2016
  • 1) Back fill the walls.
  • 2) Building erection will be completed.
  • 3) Block walls will be completed for stairs and Elevator pit.
  • 4) Outside remaining plumbing and fire vault.
  • 5) We need to order Aries Craft lead time 30 to 45 days prior.

North Georgia Brick - Grant Huffaker: Brick stone selections were sent and Blackwater is waiting for final proposal for cost and delivery timeline. We will have to pay in advance to place an order.
Spirit Electric - has sent their invoice for Electric panel and accessories. Need to pay $50,000 now.
We need to get ready to pay for the HVAC system - $100,000 deposit to order the units. It has a lead of 8-12 weeks for delivery.
Lonestar Construction: CMU installation in progress- 80% completed.
Need to have backflow installed and connection made to County system - monies were paid to plumbing contractor -DaCosta Plumbing Need to investigate natural gas supply to property. Blackwater is filling out needed application - Masjid has provided owner information for this application. Work in progress with Gas Company.

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