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Monday, September 6, 2010

AsSalamu Alaikum - Eid al Fitr Announcement
Eid al Fitr this year will, inSha'Allah, fall on either Thursday, September 9, or Friday, September 10. According to, "The Astronomical New Moon is on September 8, 2010 (Wednesday) at 10:30 UT. This moon may not be visible anywhere on September 8 except some Polynesian Islands. On September 9, it will still not be visible in Northern Asia, Europe and Canada. It can easily be seen in New Zealand, Australia, South-East Asia, Africa and Americas on Sep 9."

According to European Council for Fatwa and Research, Eid will be on Thursday. According to Fiqh Council of North America and Islamic Society of North America, Eid will be on Friday. We at Masjid Al-Momineen always send a delegation to the top of Stone Mountain to look for the new moon. We combine our finding with that of the other prominint Masaajid in Atlanta to determine the start of significant Islamic dates such as the two Eids.

Please check the Masjid website or contact us starting on Wednesday this week for our announcement. The Eid prayer will, inSha'Allah, be held on Masjid grounds in Clarkston. The first Iqama is being planned for 8am. The prayer will be led by Imam Zahid. Please arrive earlier for supplications and to secure a parking spot. Arrange to car-pool if you can. We expect a very large crowd this Eid, inSha'Allah.

Zakat ul Fitr is determind at $7 per family member this year. Please be sure to take care of this important obligation either prior to Eid or on the day of Eid before the Salat at the Masjid.

Every able Muslim is required to pay Zakat ul Fitr to the needy before commencement of the Eid prayer. The sooner this Zakat is distributed, the better as it is meant to give the poor the means to celebrate the festival of breaking the fast (Eid al Fitr) along with the rest of the Muslims. Zakat ul Fitr must be given before Eid prayers, unless one has a valid reason to delay it. It should be given on behalf of every member of the household, male or female, adult or minor.

In summary:

Eid al Fitr starts on: Thursday or Friday
Eid Salat's Iqama Time: 8:00am
Place: Masjid Al-Momineen
Recommended Arrival Time: 7:30am
Zakat ul Fitr Amount: $7 per family member

Eid Mubarak!
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